Build a startup company is not easy but we can do it

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What do you want to achieve when your startup company starts to grow?

Do you want a business that moves in the field of lifestyle? Or a company which could grow very fast that you could sell it just in the next two years? Or do you actually want to build a gigantic company and put your own photo on the cover of the Fortune magazine?

Be honest to yourself, to your investor, and to your partner.

Imagine your own success, how do you want it to be? Do you want to just work 4 hours a day while your staffs and the website do the rest and keep the money flow for your luxurious lifestyle? Do you want to achieve a deal to sell your venture to a gigantic mega-corporation and get a lot of money? Or you want to be the CEO with the biggest shares of a company, while if there is even a single mistake, it could crumble in each minute?

Start up a company is difficult and uncertain

The chance of failure for a self-funded venture is 90% and a venture which is funded by others is 33%. That’s the way the funding from the Venture Capital is worth to be celebrated. It’s true that getting a funding from the Venture Capital is not easy for a new entrepreneur who’ve just started to build his or her own venture. So, the chance to start up for the first time is very difficult. Perhaps winning a roulette in the Las Vegas is much easier than starting up a company. That’s why, if you are building a startup company, put all that you’ve got into it. You have to pour your sweat and blood into the company and have to be ready to face any results. It is difficult. However, if some people can do it, then you can do it too.

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