Buy Houses. Which is Better New Or Used?

Which one is right for you to have? A new home is located in modern cluster environments, as well as offering design and the latest environmentally friendly technologies, or even a second house that needs a bit of renovation? Whichever you prefer, our Real Estate Agents New Lampton Heights can help you.


The questions above may be popping up when they wanted to buy the house. The answer can also be returned to the personal needs of each. Ranging from lifestyle, financial capability, up to your personal perspective on a dwelling. There are many reasons that make the home buying second consideration is more than reasonable. Although it will require more effort to renovate the house.

Here are some things you should consider:

1. Consumption of energy efficient
For those of you who care about the Eco-friendly movement (start by saving electricity costs are paid every month, up to environmental sustainability) of new housing is the right choice. Generally, residential projects worked on by developers recently chose an environmentally friendly material. Starting from the roof of mild steel, aluminum window frames, brick or brick fabricating light (a mixture of sand, lime, cement, and other materials), to the bright paint colors to reflect sunlight. If you buy a used house built 10 years ago might not have been much different building specifications.

2. Flexibility room and cabling.
If you already bought a used home, there are not many things that you can change. Starting from the arrangement of rooms, high ceilings, up to lighting and home design style of the 90s. Meanwhile if living in a new home, you can get the design changes to the warranty repair up to 100 days (as agreed with the developer). In general, new housing is also complemented by the installation of underground cables that make your house look neat and practical.

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