A Dell Laptop: One of the Cheap Gaming Laptops under 500 Dollars

Dell laptops have been widely known as laptops which not only have good qualities of components but are also available in great bargains. One of the laptops produced by the company, which has enough qualifications to be the laptops for playing games, is the Dell Inspiron i5545-1250sLV. This product will be explained in more detailed information in the narrative below.

Made in a solid body with aluminum as the core material, it has a more elegant and professional look compared to those laptops made of plastic materials. This laptop is not only good for doing word processing and other easy and light tasks but also for playing games. Available in the 15” size, this cheap gaming laptop has a great size of the screen to be the medium in which the games will be displayed. No one would prefer playing games on a smaller screen than the big one, would they?

Although it is made in a size which can be considered quite huge, this laptop is thin and light enough to be carried around from a place to another by its owners. By having this privilege, this laptop allows its users to play games anywhere they are at anytime they can. For its brain, it is the Quad-Core AMD APU A10-7300, and as for its RAM, it has 8GB worth of memory which is good enough for running the games. Although its screen is not full HD and suffers from limited viewing angles, this laptop also has the AMD R6 graphic card which enables it to run classic games on high settings and modern games in medium to lower settings. They are still limited from playing games which demand the eye-popping visuals as its frame rates will suffer. Still, they are good for gaming because they have integrated graphics which will not make its system to suffer and being too heated.

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