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Why a baby bed should be separate?

Let your baby to sleep alone, or a single bed with the parents is often a debate couple. Most say that letting their child sleep separately from their parents is the best idea to be able to make children more independent and more confident. If you include a parent who wants your child to sleep in their bed, you’ll like this article.

However, babies who sleep in their own bed also has its advantages and disadvantages. Remember, consider making this important choice before making a decision. It should certainly be considered the age of the baby. Here are some reasons why your baby should sleep alone:

1. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
This is the main reason why your baby should have his own bed. A number of death cases are very high, especially in infants who slept with adults. There are many different things that can cause SIDS infants exposed, from the pillow, mattress, until the hands of adults.

2. More soothing
By the time a child sleeps in his own bed, they have time to be able to compose themself. Meanwhile, when sleeping with their parents, they will always see their parents to feel calm and go back to sleep.

3. Can improve the confidence
Babies who sleep alone would fall asleep faster than when sleeping with their parents. But make sure the safety and security of your baby before you leave them to sleep alone.

4. It is important for both parents
It’s hard to have a private time as a couple if you sleep with your baby. You can keep your baby for 5-6 months in your mattress, after that you can move your baby to a special baby bed.

We recommend that you train since early time because quite a lot of children who can not or do not dare to sleep alone until their teenager time.