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The 3 steps on how to get a talent manager for yourself

A talent manager or also known as the celebrity booker is needed if you want to become an artist whether actors, actress or musicians. Although it’s not mandatory, it’d be the best for the newcomers to get themselves a good talent manager. That’s why we’d like to share some info with you about the 3 steps on how to get a talent manager.

1. Enhance your experience

a. Manage your time to work as an artist. The way for you to get a job in the entertainment business is hard work, whether for movie, broadcast, or music industry. The managers are looking for a talented artist with a good track record and have many creations of art.

b. Sharpen your skills. Besides going for many auditions, you should sharpen your skills often so the talent managers would be confident in your abilities as an artist. The most important factor thing to improve your abilities is by enjoying what you’re doing as an artist.

c. Discussion with other artists. Don’t be doubt to help the fellow artist. Sharing each other knowledge could improve your ability and experience for the job.

2. Meet the manager

a. Usually, a manager gets paid by the numbers of the contract that you get and will take 10% of your income. Make them believe that you could make them money in the industry, so they will work hard to find you a job.

b. In order to get a manager, you have to be attractive and charismatic.

c. Build your own image in the social media. Build your social channels and network professionally.

d. Make a resume of your previous jobs with actors, producers, and anything that relates to the industry.

e. Find recommendations. Ask for other actors or actresses to recommend you to their managers.

f. Always prepare yourself for an audition.

3. Choose a management

a. Make sure your management is legal and registered to the Department of Industrial Relations.

b. Find out how many artists are being handled by the manager.

c. Create a good personal relationship with your manager.

d. If a manager is not suitable for you or proven to be a fraud, don’t be afraid to cancel all relations with the manager.