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What Makes Your Card Looks Great

Have you ever your friend said “kerstkaarten maken” to you? If you have, it should be in December, right? Well, Christmas Day is related to kerstkaarten maken or making Christmas card which becomes the most annual activities to welcome the Christmas celebration. In the Netherlands, the celebration of Christmas Day always become a great moment where many people are happy in a peace festivity of Christmas celebration.

Making a simple Christmas card can be done by yourself if you have not enough money to buy it at the store specialized for Christmas card or the retailers that provide ready-made Christmas Card. If you want to make your own simple Christmas card, here are two ways which can be priceless recommendations:

1. Compose Sweet Words your Christmas Card

Sweetest words can be memorable for all recipients. You can add any personalized beautiful words that make the recipient being touchable after reading the words as an addition to writing “Merry Christmas” in the Christmas card. You can use the personal computer and choose the best format to make a great written message. As we already know, there are many fonts that can be used and printed onto a piece of papers which we use to make a Christmas card such as Algerian font, Castellar font, or Times New Roman font.

2. Beautify your Christmas Card
Besides adding the sweet word to make a heartfelt impression, you also need to beautify the Christmas card. You can use ribbon to make your Christmas card looks attractive. Tie the ribbon on your cards and choose the color that is related to the Christmas celebration such as red, green, gold, or white. You can also add some festive sticker to make your Christmas card become memorable.
However, sending a Christmas card to your beloved family or friend is the most priceless thing during the Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!