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The concrete road construction method and its comparison with the asphalt road

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In order to cementing process on the concrete road to becoming faster and to prevent cracks, the mixture to make the cement could be combined with certain chemical or it could be covered by some wet sacks and put them on the surface of the cement. The drying process requires for weeks to be done. Then the road would be hard enough to be used.

Compared to the asphalt road, the concrete road has several advantages. Some of them are that the concrete road is able to hold heavier weight than has more water resistance if there are any water puddles appear on it or even a flood. Besides that, the maintenance of the concrete road is cheaper.

Another its advantage is that the concrete road could be constructed on the weak ground without repairing its structure first. So the roadwork project could be done immediately. This allows the more time efficiency. The cost is also lower for the worker payment. The most important thing is the materials to construct it is easier to be acquired.

However, in another side, the concrete road also has several weaknesses. Its weaknesses are the if the concrete road is being used as the heavy vehicles route, then its construction fee is getting higher. Besides that, the color of the concrete road is not so dark and could give the arid impression. Sometimes this could cause the drivers to feel uncomfortable.

While the asphalt road also has its own superiority and inferiority compared to the concrete road. Its superiority is that the asphalt road has the smoother surface and it’s not wavy. This kind of condition makes the drivers more comfortable and safer while moving on it whether by a driving a car or riding a bike. The colors also could give large effect if it’s considered from the side of the human’s psychology due to it could give the comfortable and cool feelings.