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3 Signs of the articles that google will like

Are you find some difficulties in editing your articles? The article rewriter, Spin Rewriter is available now. When someone writing an article, they usually want it to be on the number one page of the google search. Not only that means the article has a good quality, but it will also help the writer to gain more audiences. However, there are so many articles out there that are SEO-friendly but not human-friendly. Unfortunately, the way google search now is not depending just in the SOE alone, but also the human’s behavior towards the article due to the program has been enhanced. Here are the 3 signs of the articles that google will like

1. Useful and informative
We have to make sure that the content of the articles that we are going to post aren’t bad and contains lies in them. If there are many negatives respond or simply low numbers of click per day, the google won’t put it on the first page anymore. Right now, the google prefers the ones with the high numbers of click per day and also the good testimonies for the articles.

2. More useful than other articles
When an article is able to satisfy many people, the google will likely to put it on the first page. The way google to evaluate this, is by monitoring the statistic of the people who searched for a topic. When an article is able to make a person stop searching for the next one, then it is an article that could be categorized as a good article by the google.

3. Trustworthy content
This is often to be the main issue for many articles on the internet. Sometimes, some writers would just give some random opinion without considering about the truth of the content. This could be bad either for the writer and the readers, especially if the article is about some kind of tutorial. If a tutorial article wishes to be made for doing dangerous things such as “how to escape from a building that’s on fire”, the writer shouldn’t give some random suggestions recklessly, it’d be the best for the writer to consult an expert before he or she is writing such articles.